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Euro Viagra Direct has been supplying Viagra and other lifestyle prescription medications such as Cialis, Levitra, Reductil, Xenical and Propecia for almost a decade. Established in 2002, EuroViagraDirect was created to meet the growing demand for prescription medicines supplied online over the internet. We were one of the first internet sites to provide free online consultation and free private prescriptions from registered E.U. doctors. We also pioneered the dispensing of prescription pharmaceuticals from properly registered European pharmacies.

Since our inauguration we have delivered thousands of online orders free of charge via the Royal Mail to customers in countries across the whole of Europe. We pride ourselves on the complete confidentiality of our service. All orders are sent in the name of our holding company EuroShopDirect and your credit card is billed in the same name. If that isn't enough, we also provide you with the best online prices for genuine products that you will find anywhere in Europe.

Customer service is the cornerstone that any business is built on. That is why we always strive to provide the best customer service and support possible. Our Customer Service Dept. is available 24/7 via email or by telephone between 9am and 5pm GMT. To contact customer Service Dept. please click on the contact button at the top of the page.

Free Consultation and Private Prescription Service:

Free Consultation and Private Prescription ServiceWe provide all of our customers with free online consultation with an E.U. registered doctor. Once you have completed your online consultation, our doctor will review the consultation and if appropriate issue a free private prescription for your medication. Once your prescription is issued it is sent to a UK dispensing pharmacy licensed by the General Pharmaceutical Council.This guarantees that the product you are buying has not only been correctly prescribed and dispensed but also that the product is genuine. We only supply product in its original sealed packaging just as the manufacturer intended.

Treatment Service for Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction:

Treatment Service for Impotence or Erectile DysfunctioinImpotence or Erectile dysfunction (ED) is the inability to get and maintain an erection that is sufficient for satisfactory sexual intercourse. Impotence or ED is a very common condition, particularly in older men. It is estimated that half of all men between 30 and 70 years of age will experience ED at least once. ED can have a range of causes, both physical and psychological. Generally, the prognosis for ED is good. Some men will just need to make some lifestyle changes, such as losing weight and taking regular exercise. Other men may need to take medication such as Viagra, Cialis or Levitra. At EuroViagraDirect you can have a completely free and private consultation with our E.U. registered doctor to determine if you require a prescribed treatment. If so he will issue you with a free private prescription (normal cost £20.00) and our registered pharmacy will deliver your medication free of charge direct to your home anywhere in Europe.

Treatment Service For Obesity:

Treatment Service For ObesityObesity is a medical condition in which excess body fat has accumulated to the extent that it may have an adverse effect on your health which could lead to reduced life expectancy as well as increased health problems. In order to know if you are obese you need to know your Body Mass index. BMI is a measurement which compares weight and height to define if people are overweight or obese. Your individual Body Mass Index is an important measure of obesity. Anything over 30 usually means that you would be classed as obese. To calculate your BMI go to our BMI calculator.

The best primary treatment for obesity is dieting and physical exercise. To supplement this, prescription anti-obesity medications may be taken such as Xenical to inhibit fat absorption. If you wish to have a free and confidential consultation with our doctor, just click on the links under weight loss on the left hand side of this page.

Treatment Service For Male Pattern Baldness:

Treatment Service For Male Pattern BaldnessMany people with male pattern baldness think they have to accept the condition, this is not true. There are baldness treatments which can reduce or halt hair loss in men with male pattern balding and in some cases can reverse it entirely. One of the most affective treatments on the market today contains an ingredient called Finasteride and is marketed by Merck under the brand name Propecia. In a 5-year study of men with mild to moderate hair loss, 48% of those treated with Propecia (finasteride 1 mg) experienced re-growth of hair, and a further 42% had no further loss. In the same clinical study, Propecia, was shown to work on both the crown area and the hairline but was most successful in the crown area. Propecia is a long term treatment which continues to provide re-growth or stop further hair loss as long as the treatment is maintained. To learn more about Propecia click on the links under Hair Loss on the left of this page.

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Viagra online

Erectile dysfunction is a condition that it is estimated can affect up to 10% of the male population at some stage in their lives. The reason this is an estimated figure is because of the stigma associated with impotence. Although it may be a simple medical or psychological condition that could happen to anyone, many men are reluctant to admit to having a problem and therefore suffer in silence. This is one of the reasons that purchasing medication online to treat the problem has become so popular. Unfortunately it has also lead to a burgeoning black market in the leading pharmaceutical remedies for erectile dysfunction and although the reasons for this are understandable it can be very dangerous to buy prescription drugs in this way. If you are suffering from this condition and have been too shy to ask for help from your local doctor then now is the time to stop worrying and do something about it. Drugs like Cialis can sometimes be an appropriate solution and there is much advice about such matters online, some of it good and some of it bad. The problem is how to distinguish between the two, which is where we come in.

Medical advice

Although we are in the business of supplying pharmaceutical remedies for impotence we would never advocate taking such drugs without first consulting a qualified doctor. When using our service all our customers are provided with a free consultation to assess their condition before we will consider supplying them with medication. These consultations are carried out online with a doctor who is registered with the General Medical Council in the United Kingdom. This means that you have access to proper medical advice without the embarrassment of having to explain your problem to your local GP. After reviewing your case, as long as he thinks it is appropriate, the doctor will issue a private prescription for the most suitable medicine, enabling you to buy genuine Viagra and other products without taking any unnecessary risks with your health. This prescription is also free so the only thing that you have to pay for is the medication itself. All the prescriptions are sent to a pharmacy that is licensed by the RPS (Royal Pharmaceutical Society) which is your guarantee that the drugs dispensed are the genuine article and not a substandard copy. There are many websites selling imitations that are not nearly as effective.

Customer care

Our company has been helping men suffering from erectile dysfunction and other conditions for many years now and the reason that we are so successful is because we genuinely care for each person that we do business with. In addition to the free medical advice and prescriptions mentioned above, we have a dedicated customer service team who are available to answer any queries you may have or assist with any problems you may encounter during the ordering process. For Pfizer Viagra has been a phenomenally successful product, not least because of the stringent quality control procedures that they employ at their manufacturing facilities. This is why we only deal with genuine medication and refuse to go down the route that many other online companies have taken, by buying cheaper alternatives in an effort to boost our bottom line. We do of course like to make a profit but never at the expense of our clients’ welfare. Our customer care team can be contacted via email at any time of day or night and it is also possible to talk to them in person during normal UK business hours. Our reputation is based on your satisfaction and we never forget this.


Owing to the nature of the problem that our customers face we place great importance on your right to privacy. When paying for any products you order from our website, we make sure you are billed discreetly. Our customers can buy cheap Viagra online without having to worry about the world knowing their business. The name that will appear on your credit card statement is EuroShopDirect and of course all orders are discreetly packaged. We never share or sell your personal details to third parties and will only send you information about special offers and promotions if you ask us to. We have spent a lot of time and money on ensuring that our payment facility is as secure as possible in order to protect your personal details, so there is no need to worry on this front either. From start to finish our service is tailored to provide you with what you require with the minimum of fuss and maximum confidentiality. This is one of the reasons that many customers refuse to buy from any other online firms after having dealt with us and something that our company takes great pride in, as does every member of our team.

Buy Cialis online

This is another prescription medication that has been successfully used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction for a number of years and one that we are also able to supply if the doctor that you have consulted with considers it to be suitable. As with all the other pharmaceutical products featured on our site, we only deal with the genuine article so there is no need to worry that you will receive an inferior copy when placing your order with us. Manufactured by one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, this drug has been extensively tested and approved by all the relevant medical authorities as of course have all the medications we sell. The ordering process for this product follows the same guidelines that we employ across our whole range and your privacy will not be compromised by us. Which treatment will prove most effective for you is not always possible to determine in advance so whether you are buying Viagra online or this medication, it may be necessary to experiment before settling on the one that you are happiest with. In either case we can guarantee that you will receive the best service possible when dealing with our company.

Unbeatable value

Despite the fact that we only deal with genuine products from the best pharmaceutical companies, we are also able to offer the best value for money that we think you will find online. Duty and VAT have already been paid for in the EU so as long as you are ordering from a country within the European Union there will be no extra costs to pay upon receipt of your goods. All orders in the UK are sent using the Royal Mail as we believe they offer the best service and help us to keep costs to a minimum. There is no need to worry about your order being misplaced or stolen during transit as whether you have ordered Cialis or any other medication from us, your consignment will be fully insured. In the unlikely event that your order does go astray we will offer you the choice of a full refund or replace the missing items completely free of charge. We understand that, owing to the actions of some online companies, a few people may be hesitant to order prescription medications online which is why we take so many precautions to ensure your experience with us is completely satisfactory.